DaSH - Iris and Cartopy mapping in Python

09 Mar 2016

Hi DaSHers,

Last week we had a great talk by Dr. Nicole Hill from IMAS on modelling biodiversity, thanks Nicole!.

This week we have Pearse Buchanan on mapping with Iris & Cartopy

Iris & Cartopy are packages created by the UK Met Office specifically to make visualising gridded datasets super easy (in python)! Iris streamlines the process of loading in your data, ensuring that the coordinate system is recognised, undertaking some basic statistical analysis within the framework of that coordinate system (lat, lon, depth, time, etc.) and then producing publication quality plots. This process can otherwise take many many frustrating steps! Cartopy is designed to be used with Iris, although not necessarily, and provides a very simple way of making numerous projections with different features in only a few commands. As an additional bonus, both packages act as wrappers around python’s matplotlib package, which means that you can use all the advantages of Iris & Cartopy while being quite pedantic about the structure of your final figure using the huge detail within the matplotlib package. These packages have been an absolute revelation for my plotting and it will be great to share their capabilities with other scientists.

If you like, please set up the packages with Python and bring some data in a NetCDF format and we can actually go through loading, processing, analysing and visualising these data. I’m sure that everyone will go away with an interest in using these programs. They make beautiful plots.

NOTE! Pearse has already given a presentation about these packages at the weekly python meeting on Tuesdays. If you came to that one then come along again if you want and bring your data!

Pearse J. Buchanan

PhD Candidate / CSIRO-UTAS Quantitative Marine Science

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), University of Tasmania

When: 0915 Friday 11 March 2016

Where: IMAS flex room