DaSH pre-announcement - BCCVL demo (12 Feb)

04 Feb 2016

Hi DaSHers,

This week (5 February 2016) was open session, Mike and Paola chatted about data sciencey things. Very sorry to the person who could not find us!! The bookings are a bit fluid, so DaSH might be in the flex room, seminar theatre, or upstairs in the lunch room, will tweet last minute details in future DataScienceHbt.

This post is to provide an early announcement of next week, when we have a special session on Species Distribution Modelling made easy.

Sarah Richmond, of Griffith University and the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) is visiting and will give a hands-on demonstration of some of the features of the BCCVL. The BCCVL simplifies the process of biodiversity-climate change modelling. It integrates a suite of tools in an online environment where researchers can access data and perform data analysis and modelling.

When: from 0900 to 1030 (for a 0915 start)

Where: the ground floor teaching lab at IMAS / ACE CRC Salamanca (‘the Waterfront’).

This demonstration will cater for those interested in using the features of the BCCVL (biodiversity, climate change) as well as those who want to understand more about how a ‘Virtual Laboratory’ can enable and speed up research.

Bring your laptop, and join this hands-on demonstration on Friday 12 February at 9:15 in the Teaching Lab, ground floor at IMAS Salamanca.


Mike, Just